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Board of Education Meetings and Supporting Documents

How Meetings Work

The board has policies defining its responsibilities and setting procedures for considering issues. If you want to see the the board policies, please click here.

The superintendent reports to the board as information or for action. The board receives information on reports prior to meetings so that board members may study the material.


Board meetings are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the official business of the school district. The public is cordially invited to attend board meetings to observe the board as it conducts its official business.

The board of education, as an elected representative body of the school district, also wishes to provide a forum for citizens to express interests and concerns related to the school district. To provide an opportunity for input while conducting an orderly meeting, individuals or groups may be heard by the board in accordance with this policy or policy 1-13 which addresses public hearings.


In order that the board may fairly and adequately discharge its overall responsibility, citizens desiring an item to be placed on the agenda for a specific board meeting should direct written requests to the superintendent at least seven (7) working days prior to the meeting.

The request should include:

  • the name and address of the person or persons making the request;
  • the organization or group, if any, represented; and
  • a brief explanation of the nature of the item.

Questions and/or materials to be presented to the board are to be submitted along with the request. Additional items may be added to the agenda by the board on a two-thirds vote of the board members.

The superintendent will confer with the chairperson of the board concerning whether to approve placing the requested item on the agenda, and to determine the appropriate meeting for such discussion.

The superintendent, with the consent of the board chairperson, will accept or deny a request for inclusion on the agenda for any reason determined appropriate by the superintendent and chairperson.

The superintendent will explain any other processes available for addressing the concerns.

The superintendent will notify the requesting party of the response to the request. The board may, by two-thirds vote and notwithstanding prior denial by the superintendent, consent to hear a presentation where the appeal to speak is made immediately prior to or during the course of the meeting.


A part of each meeting will be set aside for citizens to address the board. A sign-up sheet will be available until the announced start time of the meeting for any individual or group to indicate their desire to address the board.   

Citizens wishing to be placed on a list of speakers for a board meeting must include the following information in their report:

  1. Name, address and phone number of person who desires to appear before the board.
  2. A brief statement describing the nature of the business to be brought to the board.

The chairperson will decide the time devoted to public comments. The total time allotted to public comments will not exceed 30 minutes.

Board members will not respond to individuals who address the board, however, board members may address the chairperson to request further clarification. In response the chairperson may direct the superintendent to investigate concerns and respond appropriately to the presenter.

Except in case of emergency, information received during presentations will not be acted upon at the time it is received. It will take two thirds vote of the board members present to take action on a presentation considered to be of an unusual or emergency nature at the time it is presented.

Visitors may not take part in board discussions by asking questions or making comments, except upon invitation to do so by the chairperson.

Disruptions by any person or persons of a public meeting will be subject to action in accordance with G.S. 143-318.7.


Complaints about the performance of school personnel, implementation of board policy, the quality of the educational program or school facilities should be submitted initially for a response to the school district official responsible for the program or facility or to the superintendent. The superintendent or designee will make available this board policy and other relevant grievance procedures to any individual or group submitting a complaint.

The Board will not hear personnel or confidential student issues in the public comments section of the meeting. In the event the Board and Superintendent need to hear items protected by law, a closed session meeting of the Board can be scheduled for that purpose. The same procedures used for hearing public comments at Board meetings will apply in such meetings. (See NCGS §143-318 (a) (1) & (6).

All meetings are at 7:00 pm unless otherwise announced or posted.

Please note: Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the Communications Office at 704-296-5188 or the chief communications officer to verify dates and times for meetings.