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BOE Policies in Alphabetical Order

Policy Title
3-19 Administration Of Medication And/Or First Aid
4-6 Administration of Medicines
2-48 Administrative Guidelines Administrative Guidelines 2-48 (Disposing of Personal Property Valued at Less than $500.00)
2-25 Administrative Guidelines Administrative Guidelines for Policy 2-25 (Sales Calls and Demonstrations)
1-10 Administrative Guidelines ADOPTED RULES OF PROCEDURE
1-14 Adoption of Policies
4-4 Age Requirements for Attendance
5-17 Alternative Learning Programs
2-8 Annual Independent Audit
1-18 Appeals
1-18 Administrative Guidelines Appeals - Hearings Before the Board
1-2 Authority to Transact Business
1-10 Board Meetings
1-15 Board Member Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses
1-4 Board Responsibilities
1-4 Administrative Guidelines Board Responsibilities - Inservice Training for Board Members
2-2 Budget Development, Planning and Adoption By Resolution
4-8 Child Abuse - Reports and Investigations
3-2 d Classified Personnel: Suspension and Dismissal
1-11 Closed Sessions
1-29 Code of Ethics for School Board Members
4-3 Administrative Guidelines Code of Student Conduct
1-9 Committees
3-4 Communicable Diseases (Employees)
4-12 Communicable Diseases (Students)
5-20 Computers, Networks and Related Technologies
5-20 Administrative Guidelines Computers, Networks and Related Technology
5-4 Administrative Guidelines Concussion and Head Injury
1-24 Consultants to the Board
2-21 Continuing Contracts
2-19 Contracts With The Board
2-19 Administrative Guidelines Contracts with the Board
5-2 Copyright Policy
5-2 Administrative Guidelines Copyright Policy
5-3 Counseling
3-31 Criminal Arrests and Convictions
5-11 Curriculum
5-5 Curriculum Adoption
2-10 Daily Deposits
5-18 Day Treatment Program
3-28 Defense Of Board Employees
2-9 Depositories
4-6 Administrative Guidelines Disposal of Discontinued Medications at School
2-48 Disposing of Personal Property Valued at Less than $30,000.00
4-25 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
1-3 Duties of Board
1-7 Duties of Board Secretary
1-5 Duties of the Chair
1-6 Duties of the Vice-Chair
1-1 Election of Board of Education
1-8 Election of Officers and Voting Method
2-11 Electronic Signatures
4-1 a Elementary School Attendance
3-20 Emergency Closing Days
1-26 Emergency Drills
3-3 Administrative Guidelines EMPLOYEE CANDIDATES
3-2 a Employee Code Of Ethics And Standards Of Conduct
3-15 Employee Conflict of Interest
3-15 Administrative Guidelines Employee Conflict of Interest
3-34 Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement
2-17 Ethics and The Purchasing Function
3-2 c Evaluation of Licensed Employees
5-6 Exceptional Children's Program
4-12 Administrative Guidelines Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
3-4 Administrative Guidelines Exposure to Bloodbourne Pathogens
3-26 Extracurricular And Non-instructional Duties
1-34 Facility Construction
1-28 Facility Design Policy
2-1 Fiscal Goals
2-7 Fiscal Management Standards
4-19 Administrative Guidelines Food Allergens
4-19 Food Allergens Policy
1-30 Administrative Guidelines Fuel Emission- Reduced-Idling
1-30 Fuel Emissions
2-5 Gifts and Bequests
5-14 Goals and Objectives of The Educational Program
2-16 Goals of The Purchasing Function
2-4 Grants and Funding for Special Projects
2-4 Administrative Guidelines Grants and Funding for Special Projects -Crowd (or Fund) Sourcing
3-10 Grievance Procedure for Employees
3-25 Growth and Improvement Plans for Licensed Employees
5-7 Health Education Program
4-1 c High School Attendance
4-22 Homeless Students
4-22 Administrative Guidelines Homeless Students
4-5 Immunization Requirements for School Admission
2-13 Individual School Accounts
3-33 Injury and Loss Prevention
2-12 Insurance
4-15 Insurance for Student Transportation
5-21 Internet Safety
5-4 Interscholastic Athletics
4-9 Investigation by School Personnel
1-35 Invocation
3-8 Job Descriptions
3-30 Job-Sharing
4-10 Law Enforcement Involvement on Campus
4-10 Administrative Guidelines Law Enforcement Involvement on Campus
3-16 Leave
1-23 Line and Staff Relations
4-1 b Middle School Attendance
1-33 Naming Schools and School Facilities
1-33 Administrative Guidelines Naming Schools and School Facilities
3-13 Nepotism
5-6 Administrative Guidelines Non-Service Animals in the Classroom
3-14 Notice of Vacancies
2-30 Operation of School Nutrition Services
2-18 Organization of The Purchasing Function
5-8 Parent Involvement
4-21 Parent Organizations
2-28 Participation by Historically Underutilized Businesses
2-29 Participation by Women and Minority-Owned Businesses
1-17 Partnerships
2-14 Payroll Deductions
2-6 Penalties, Fines and Forfeitures
3-9 Personnel File
3-32 Pest Management
2-20 Pre-Audit Certification
1-4 Administrative Guidelines Procedures for Requests from Constituents
3-17 Professional Personnel Compensation and Contracts
3-7 Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying (Employees)
4-7 Prohibition Against Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying (Students)
4-3 c Prohibition of Gangs and Gang Activities
1-13 Public Hearings
1-12 Public Participation at Board Meetings
1-32 Public Records
2-23 Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies
5-15 Recitation Of The Pledge of Allegiance
3-3 Recruitment, Selection, And Personnel
3-21 Reduction In Force
4-24 Registered Sex Offenders
3-22 Reimbursement For Conference Costs
3-1 Responsibility For Compliance With Board Policy, State and Federal Law
2-25 Sales Calls and Demonstrations
4-13 School Assignment
4-13 Administrative Guidelines School Assignment
2-26 School Bookkeeper Duties
1-19 School Calendar
1-31 School Closing for Elections
2-15 School Finance Officer
5-10 School Improvement Plan
1-22 School Superintendent
3-5 a Addendum School Tobacco Education Program (Addendum)
5-16 School Trips
3-29 Screening of School Volunteers
4-3 Administrative Guidelines Searches -Code of Student Conduct
1-20 Sectarian Activities and Union Organizing
5-1 Selection of Instructional Materials
2-50 Settlement of Claims
3-7 b Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure for Employees
4-7 b Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure for Students
3-7 a Sexual Harassment Defined For Employees
4-7 a Sexual Harassment Defined for Students
5-22 Social Media
5-22 Administrative Guidelines Social Media
3-11 Solicitation or Selling
3-18 Staff Time Schedules
3-6 Staff-Student Relations
2-22 State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies
1-21 Statement on Non-Discrimination
2-24 Student Activities Fund Management
5-9 Student Assessment
4-3 Student Discipline
4-17 Student Dress and Appearance
5-12 Student Promotion and Accountability
5-12 Administrative Guidelines Student Promotion and Accountability
4-14 Student Records
4-23 Student Sex Offender
3-24 Student Teachers
4-20 Student Wellness
3-23 Substitute Teachers
5-19 Title I Program Comparability of Services
3-29 Administrative Guidelines UCPS Volunteer Program
3-5 Union County Public Schools Drug-Free Workplace
3-12 Use Of Employee Mailboxes And Bulletin Boards
3-12 Administrative Guidelines Use of Employee Mailboxes and Bulletin Boards
5-1 Administrative Guidelines Use of Instructional Videos for Instructional Purposes
2-49 Use of School Facilities
2-49 Administrative Guidelines Use of School Facilities
4-16 Use of Student Transportation Services
3-5 a Use of Tobacco Products
1-25 Visitors to Schools