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Chapter 3 - Personnel

Policy Title
3-1 Responsibility For Compliance With Board Policy, State and Federal Law
3-2 a Employee Code Of Ethics And Standards Of Conduct
3-2 c Evaluation of Licensed Employees
3-2 d Classified Personnel: Suspension and Dismissal
3-3 Recruitment, Selection, And Personnel
3-3 Administrative Guidelines EMPLOYEE CANDIDATES
3-4 Communicable Diseases (Employees)
3-4 Administrative Guidelines Exposure to Bloodbourne Pathogens
3-5 Union County Public Schools Drug-Free Workplace
3-5 a Use of Tobacco Products
3-5 a Addendum School Tobacco Education Program (Addendum)
3-6 Staff-Student Relations
3-7 Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying (Employees)
3-7 a Sexual Harassment Defined For Employees
3-7 b Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure for Employees
3-8 Job Descriptions
3-9 Personnel File
3-10 Grievance Procedure for Employees
3-11 Solicitation or Selling
3-12 Use Of Employee Mailboxes And Bulletin Boards
3-12 Administrative Guidelines Use of Employee Mailboxes and Bulletin Boards
3-13 Nepotism
3-14 Notice of Vacancies
3-15 Employee Conflict of Interest
3-15 Administrative Guidelines Employee Conflict of Interest
3-16 Leave
3-17 Professional Personnel Compensation and Contracts
3-18 Staff Time Schedules
3-19 Administration Of Medication And/Or First Aid
3-20 Emergency Closing Days
3-21 Reduction In Force
3-22 Reimbursement For Conference Costs
3-23 Substitute Teachers
3-24 Student Teachers
3-25 Growth and Improvement Plans for Licensed Employees
3-26 Extracurricular And Non-instructional Duties
3-28 Defense Of Board Employees
3-29 Screening of School Volunteers
3-29 Administrative Guidelines UCPS Volunteer Program
3-30 Job-Sharing
3-31 Criminal Arrests and Convictions
3-32 Pest Management
3-33 Injury and Loss Prevention
3-34 Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement